Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

Word Press is providing a weekly photo challenge in conjunction with the NoBloPoMo project. The idea is to provide a theme to encourage bloggers to take photographs and learn to manipulate them, working to get the best images possible. The blog at Word Press is running a simultaneous Photography 101 series, so if you are interested in a few great tips, you should check it out.

This week’s theme is “Layers.” I am at my parents’ house and my dad recently cut down a huge tree and chopped it up for winter firewood. Nothing says layers like a cross-section of wood. These photos were taken with my phone.


I love the textural qualities of tree bark. Tree bark is the covering over the ring layers, so I decided this rugged tree bark was fair game for a photo, too.

Later, on my walk home, I noticed these layers of wood, neatly stacked into the sand bank next to the river. They had obviously been partially charred by fire, and I loved the contrast of the bright yellow leaves and twigs layered on the wood.


My layer photos relate to wood. Each ring in a tree marks a year’s growth cycle. The light part of the ring represents the spring growth, and the darker part of the ring represents the fall growth.  Tree rings tell the story of the life of the tree: fire, drought, and years of abundant rain. The study of tree rings and the stories they tell is called Dendrochronology. File that away for your next game of Trivia.

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NoBloPoMo – A Brief Interruption….

My participation in the daily blog posts for NoBloPoMo has experienced a brief interruption. I have traveled to central Nevada, to my hometown, to stay with my parents while my mother recovers from surgery. Her negative reaction to medication and a serious fall have complicated the situation, so I am here a little longer than I had planned. Hopefully, the situation has settled enough that I can return to daily posts for the rest of the month.


Nevada has colder weather this time of year than my home in California, and the trees here are so beautiful right now. The leaves are changing and the color in the valley is vibrant. In a few more weeks, the trees will be bare, so each day of this amazing color is a gift.

One of the writing prompts for this week was “What was the last thing you searched for on the Internet, and why?” That was an easy question. I love to arrange flowers, so my sister-in-law asked me if I would make some flower arrangements for her dining table and buffet table, since she is hosting dinner this year. I did some searching an found some great ideas.



 I am really loving this arrangement in a pumpkin!


Putting the pumpkin in the center of the arrangement is a different idea! I love visiting the Flower Market in San Francisco. They have an amazing variety of beautiful flowers and it will be interesting to see what I end up making (I’ll post a photo).

I’m missing my family and hope to be on my way home soon!

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