Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

Word Press is providing a weekly photo challenge in conjunction with the NoBloPoMo project. The idea is to provide a theme to encourage bloggers to take photographs and learn to manipulate them, working to get the best images possible. The blog at Word Press is running a simultaneous Photography 101 series, so if you are interested in a few great tips, you should check it out.

This week’s theme is “Layers.” I am at my parents’ house and my dad recently cut down a huge tree and chopped it up for winter firewood. Nothing says layers like a cross-section of wood. These photos were taken with my phone.


I love the textural qualities of tree bark. Tree bark is the covering over the ring layers, so I decided this rugged tree bark was fair game for a photo, too.

Later, on my walk home, I noticed these layers of wood, neatly stacked into the sand bank next to the river. They had obviously been partially charred by fire, and I loved the contrast of the bright yellow leaves and twigs layered on the wood.


My layer photos relate to wood. Each ring in a tree marks a year’s growth cycle. The light part of the ring represents the spring growth, and the darker part of the ring represents the fall growth. ¬†Tree rings tell the story of the life of the tree: fire, drought, and years of abundant rain. The study of tree rings and the stories they tell is called Dendrochronology. File that away for your next game of Trivia.

Until next time,