January 2015

Birds of a Feather

This is one of my favorite little birds. It is a Western Phoebe. I volunteer once a week in a local public garden, and last week one of these sweet little birds followed me around the garden, watching me rake up leaves and watching for the worms I accidentally uncovered. (Sorry, worms!) Phoebes seem to prefer sitting on the tip of things like sprinkler heads, or a fence post. The ruffled feathers on their heads make them look like they just got up and forgot to comb their hair! They have a sweet song and lovely colors. So why am I waxing poetic about birds?

This month’s Quilting Arts magazine introduced their new Reader Challenge called “Birds of a Feather.” They ask for a 9″ x 9″ ¬†quilt based on a bird theme. It may be made of any materials, must be quilted, consist of three layers and be bound or closed along the edges. They request two low resolution images be emailed to them by April 3rd to challenges@interweave.com. Finalists will be posted on their blog at quiltingdaily.com on April 8th.

So, if you have a favorite bird, why not take the challenge and make one of these tiny quilts?

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A New Year and Some New Projects


This sums up the weather here in Northern California today. I woke up to rain, thick clouds and the furnace running full blast, and by one o’clock the sun was out and it was warm enough to garden in my t-shirt!

I have been investing some major time over the last few months learning Illustrator, Photoshop, and the finer points of designing technical repeats. I have always dreamed of designing quilting fabric and that is becoming a reality. With digital printing services like Spoonflower, creating fabric has become almost as easy as having a digital photo printed. My designs are getting a little better with practice. I thought I would share some of my first designs from last Fall, if you promise not to laugh.



These patterns were in response to an assignment to design a retro geometric fabric for swim wear.

Poppy Pattern

This design was practice using a hand-drawn and hand-painted object and then flipping and turning the object to make a pattern with a layered background.


This was practicing with abstracts. I love the colors in this one! It is not in a repeat yet, but when it is, I will have this printed.

More about this soon…

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