Week 20 of the Farmer’s Wife Quilt Project

Week 20? Wow, how did that happen. Time is roaring along and my pile of blocks for this quilt is stacking higher each week. These are the blocks I have finished this week:

Spider Web, Block #83

Wild Goose Chase, Block #105

Farmer’s Daughter, Block #32

?Fruit Basket, Block #42

?Friendship, Block # 39

?and last, but not least, Square Dance, Block #85
Thank you to my friend, Elizabeth, for the gift of the beautiful Kate Spain purple floral. I love the purple/orange combo so this block is my favorite for this week.
In addition to sewing such a variety of blocks, I am also enjoying reading the letters written by the farm wives that accompany each block. This coming week I will be sewing “hovering” bird blocks, which means lots more little half-square triangles (sigh). The letter for these blocks asserts that “The woman who is a drudge on a farm will be a drudge wherever you put her. It is lack of management, lack of order and lack of backbone and brains that make drudgery.” Well said, Mrs. R.C.W. of Jasper County, Missouri!
It is late October and the weather is still quite warm here in Northern California. My hydrangeas growing by the front door show no sign of slowing down. I love seeing their big happy blooms each time I come and go. I hope all is well where you live…
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3 thoughts on “Week 20 of the Farmer’s Wife Quilt Project”

  1. i have a wonderful quote that echoes mrs r c w’s letter – “never grow a wishbone where your backbone ought to be” – cynthia paddleford.

    beautiful blocks, as always


  2. Wow Joan…how many blocks have you done so far? I really love this bunch…such bright happy colours! The letters are really interesting, aren’t they?

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