Farmer’s Wife – Week 19

Nothing makes me grumpier than having to sew a block over again. When I looked at the digital collage of my last group of Farmer’s Wife blocks, I saw three of my blocks did not play well with the others. I love how digital photos make my errors jump off the wall. So, three of my blocks this week are do-overs:

Did I end up with better blocks? Yes. Was I happy about having to do them over again? No.

The next three blocks are the new blocks for Week 19:

I try to learn from my mistakes, so I know I need to work to find a little more contrast in the fabrics I use in these blocks, and also try to stay in the same tonal families.

I also finished up my September block for the EQ Block of the Month Challenge. This block is called September Soother.

I like the strong graphic nature of these blocks being designed by Andrea Bishop at EQ. I have chosen strong black and white prints for these blocks and am interested in seeing how they all come together at the end of the challenge. Since it’s already the middle of October, I’d better get cracking on the October block…

Until next time,