Key Lime Pie for Deanna

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I received these fabrics from Deanna in our Bee Unique, Bee Knotty bee.

Deanna requested that we make her a traditional block (stars, pinwheels, card trick, flying geese, etc.). I really liked the black floral print she sent and decided to use it as the focus fabric, and the yellow and green as secondary prints because they helped highlight the flowers in the black print. I also decided to use the white on beige print she sent as the background because it would help bring out the white in the focus fabric.

I looked through a lot of patterns and selected “Key Lime Pie” as the block for these prints.

This is a simple block but I like the way the black floral stands out, and the yellow and green prints support the dark center. I decided not to use the brown prints because I like the light/dark contrast between these colors. I really hope Deanna likes the block!

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4 thoughts on “Key Lime Pie for Deanna”

  1. Oh wow. This is gorgeous, Joan! I love it. Of course, I always love looking at your work!! 🙂 I just opened my yellow pack of squishy loveliness today. It is really pretty fabric. Hugs!

  2. Letty,

    I save the photo to “My Photos” on my computer. I use my camera software to “crop” the photo. Then I save it and upload it to Flickr.

    If you don’t have photo software on your computer, get a free membership at You upload your photo and can crop/color adjust, etc. on that site and then click on “save/share” and send it to your Flickr stream.

    Let me know if you need some help. I would be happy to help you.


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