More Farmer’s Wife….

This weekend I spent more time experimenting with some of the blocks from The Farmer’s Wife, while I await the arrival of the book. My Bernina experienced some severe bobbin trouble, so I sewed these on my little 1920’s Singer Featherweight. Since the blocks and the machine are from the same era, it seemed fitting.

This is “Kitchen Woodbox.” It is block #54. Each letter in the book is accompanied by two blocks that the author felt best reflected the sentiment of the letter. This block and “Cut Glass Dish” (from my last post), accompany the first letter in the book.

This is “Flock” and it is block #34. The half square triangles should all be going in the same direction, but I liked them facing each other, so sewed it that way. But now it doesn’t look like a flock, so I might have to do this one again.

This is Attic Windows and it is block #1.
This is “Autumn Tints” and it is block #2.  
I learned two things while making these little blocks.  One: large scale prints just don’t work because the pieces are so small. Two: I have a lot of large scale prints in my stash and not too many tiny prints. I am determined to use the fabric I have to make this project, so we will see where this takes us.

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  1. each time I see fabulous blocks I find my resolve to leave this QA alone is weakening. . .
    Really love your blocks!

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