One down….110 to go?

I am still waiting for the delivery of The Farmer’s Wife. While browsing the book on Amazon, I did note the names of the blocks in the first chapter. The majority of the blocks in this book were published in the Kansas City Star newspaper over a period of years from the 1920’s to the 1940’s. Block Base software boasts that it has the complete collection of these blocks, so I clicked through my software and quickly found the two blocks featured in Chapter One: Cut Glass Dish and Kitchen Window Box. I decided to get started while I wait for my book.

This is Cut Glass Dish. It is a six inch block and has 51 individual units in it. That’s right. 51. It took me four hours to sew this block (and I am not a beginner). I had to wonder about the author’s choice of this complicated block as the very first block in the book.

Sewing this block has made me realize I need to decide on two things: block orientation (do I want the blocks on point, like this one, or set as a square; and I need to decide on a color scheme.  111 blocks is a lot of different blocks and a coordinated color scheme will help pull all the blocks together.  I can tell you that pink and chocolate brown are going to be in the mix, because there is no way I am doing this block again!

2 thoughts on “One down….110 to go?”

  1. LOL! I think pink and chocolate brown will be fabulous!! ha! So…I keep thinking about caving and joining the fun, but then I read “51 pieces and four hours”. Thanks, Joan. I am again rooted in my reality. I will live vicariously through you!! Seriously, you are such a fabulous seamstress. I would cry and be very frustrated. Your block is adorable!!!!! Maybe when I grow up…. 😀 Hugs!

  2. Vickie, the choice of this block for my first block was…..unfortunate! Most of these blocks are very easy. Who knew I picked the most ridiculous block for my first? Only I could do something so dumb!

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