Farmer’s Wife Quilt – To commit or….not?

I copied this graphic from Laurie Hird’s website so you could see an image of the quilt, but don’t “Click to Look” because nothing will happen!  If you would like to see inside, go to Laurie’s site or to Amazon for a look.

I promised myself I would not get hooked into another quilt along.  Then I saw this one, and well….I am faltering.  This book is based on letters from farm wives of the 1920’s, in answer to a magazine contest, answering the question “Would you want your daughter to marry a farmer?”  I have read excerpts from the book and they are so compelling.  So, yes, I did order the book today and look forward to reading it.  Will I commit to sewing 111 – 6 1/2 inch quilt blocks?

While I was mulling this over last night, I was reading about quilting in the 1800’s and came across this:

“Every young girl should piece one quilt at least to carry away with her to her husband’s home, and if her lot happens to be cast among strangers, as is often the case, the quilt when she unfolds it will seem like the face of a familiar friend, and will bring up a whole host of memories, of mother, sister, friend, too sacred for us to intrude upon.” From “Beds, Bed Clothing and Bedmaking” written in 1888 by Annie Curd for Good Housekeeping.

We live in a different world in 2011, but the art of quilt making still binds together a community of quilters who share a passion for preserving this amazing art form.

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  1. yep…I, too have been thinking about doing this quilt along…but, then, I saw how small they are…and, well, I’m kinda “shy” when it comes to such small blocks. =P

    =) new follower =)

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