July Journey

This is my July block for Electric Quilt’s Block of the Month challenge. It is called “July Journey.” My focus fabric, “Newspaper” by Alice Kennedy, has a little car in it and I have been wondering how I would use it in this quilt. Problem solved. The block is perfect for it.

Here is the group so far:
Yes, I know this looks really wild. The colors are a lot softer than they appear in these photos. My camera seems to hate the bright reds and black dots. I am using the same fabrics in all the blocks, but they look different from block to block in these photos which is disappointing. They are much nicer in person. You can see the block patterns for these blocks on the blog at Electric Quilt’s website. 

2 thoughts on “July Journey”

  1. I just have to say, I love ALL the fabrics you’ve been using on this BOM and look forward you seeing your block each month! Thanks for posting their pictures as a group too. I’ve been wondering how the blocks might play together at the end! I’ve used different fabric/colors on mine (basically whatever was on the table on the last day of the month!) so I doubt they will ever have much to do with each other ever again : ( Whoops. Yours is super cool though. I hope you win something good!

  2. Thanks, Sarah! I have used this one fabric for all of the blocks and I am looking forward to seeing how they all come together?!

    Mixing fabrics in a project like this is also a great idea, sometimes unexpected combinations are
    the very best! Looking forward to seeing your work!

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