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Today I am sharing some more photos of quilts being exhibited at the Pacfic International Quilt Festival in Santa Clara, California.  Yesterday was opening day of the Festival and to say it was crowded would be an understatement.  Finding enough room to take a decent photo was a challenge, so I apologize for weird angles and poor photos!

This quilt was a blue ribbon winner.  It is a Christmas theme.  The colors in the star swirl out from the center which is an unusual technique for this pattern.  There are tiny appliqued Christmas icons in between the star points, and then a ring of Christmas trees in a circle around the star.  I felt the icons were a little small in proportion to the quilt itself, but the applique was beautiful. The quilt was quilted with metallic threads which made it shimmer, even in the poor lighting.  The machine quilting was extremely tiny and perfect.

This Baltimore Album quilt was stunning.  The center blocks are approximately six inches on point so this applique is impressive. Lots and lots of tiny details.
Very pretty, and again nice machine quilting.  It is interesting because I do not remember seeing a single quilt in this show that was hand quilted.?  Obviously the speed with which a quilter can execute complicated designs by machine has compelled most quilters to turn to machine quilting. 
I love color.  This quilt is not complex but I love the colors.  The light green split rail blocks in the background add nice texture to the surface.
Again, a simple quilt design but big visual impact.  An unusual color combination but very effective.
Another striking color combination.
I have a few photos left to share with you tomorrow.  Thanks for stopping by!

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