More PIQF Inspiration

As promised, I am back with more inspiration from the Pacific International Quilt Festival in Santa Clara, California this past weekend.
?You know how much I love color so there is no explanation needed for why I love this one!
Ditto for these two….
This quilt was constructed of one-inch squares. Amazing color transitions using tiny pieces of fabric.
My daughter was temporarily distracted by a booth full of really whacky sunglasses.
This 6 x 8 inch applique block was part of a very large quilt with a California theme.  This block looked so three dimensional I thought it was a photo until I got up close.  The fuzzy thread embellishments made great seaweed.
?This is another block in the same quilt.  The sky is hand-painted fabric.
This was my daughter’s favorite quilt in the show. She adored this quilt. When we got home she immediately started posing our two dogs and two cats (who, fortunately get along well with each other) in various poses with each other, happily snapping photos of them, to get just the right shot to be turned into a quilt for her.