You might notice that my blog banner has had a face lift. I want to thank artist, designer and illustrator Kirsten Peters McGrath for helping me find my new look. She came up with several very clever designs which I have been trying out and admiring today. I am really liking this block logo. Check out Kirsten’s work in her Etsy shop under her name and the name kpmdoodles. Kirsten has been featured in the Treasury on Etsy so you know she has some serious design skills (she also designs jewelry and costumes). When talent was being handed out, she was obviously standing at the front of the line! Thanks, Kirsten, for your help.

My round robin bee is having a secret partner swap of Fall/Halloween fabric and my envelope arrived today from my partner and friend Jane of Jane’s Fabrics. (See button on the right sidebar). I particularly love the Apple Tree fabric. Thanks for the wonderful gift, Jane!

2 thoughts on “Makeover!”

  1. Joan the logo looks great!!! thanks so much for the shout out, I love your work and cant wait to see all of the fun things you will come up with… you inspire me to sew…(more than just for the theater!)

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