Pacific International Quilt Festival

My feet hurt!  Today I spent the day wandering the exhibit halls of the Santa Clara Convention Center, enjoying the Pacific International Quilt Show.  This is one of the largest quilt shows on the West Coast so there are lots of beautiful quilts to admire and such an unbelieveable variety of fabric and quilt goodies it made my debit card quiver.

I want to share a few photos of some of my favorites.  It was extremely crowded, as today was the opening day of the four day festival, so getting a decent photo was almost impossible.

You know I love color, so this lovely creation took my breath away.  Here’s a look at the quilting…
Lots and lots of variety in stitch design.  Wonderfully creative.
Then there was this tropical delight:
and just in case you missed him
And there was even some quilted royalty:
These beautiful quilts are so inspiring!  If I weren’t so tired I would head straight for the sewing room.
I will be back tomorrow with some more lovely photos from the show.

2 thoughts on “Pacific International Quilt Festival”

  1. Thanks for the pictures. I hope you come home with lots of inspiration for new projects…and I hope you have enough money left over for groceries too!

  2. I came home with more inspiration than I knew what to do with, not to mention lots of new fabric. I just need to explain to my husband why I spent ALL the grocery money……

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