Exploring Color Themes

Things have been quiet here at the CaliQuilter blog as I have been working full-time (temporarily), which has definitely put a crimp in my creative time. I have also been busy taking a class in print and surface pattern design, given by British designers Beth Kempton and Rachael Taylor. I’m in the third week of working on lots of creative exercises, which I have really enjoyed. This week has been all about color. We have been practicing constructing color themes by pulling colors from photos. Yesterday, I made these two color themes using Illustrator software, and pulling the colors from the photos using the  eye dropper tool.

Lavendar-Mood-BoardI went to Pinterest and found these lovely photos with shades of lavender and purple, which I love. I then chose the colors I liked and used the paintbrush tool to make the color spots.


While I was on Pinterest, I noticed this photo of a colorful rooster and thought he would make a great subject for a color study. I pulled out a dozen colors I particularly liked and made them egg-shaped, for fun. Nature is a terrific source of color inspiration.

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