A Block for Cindy

In the Journal Round Robin Bee, Cindy of Boulder, Colorado sent out this starter block:

Cindy likes soft, feminine colors and asked for a block of any size that would complement her block. She also added that she really loves red, so would like some red-toned fabric in the block, if possible.
This is the block I made for Cindy:

I love this block pattern and even though there are lots of seams to line up, it’s worth the trouble. I received a charm pack of five-inch squares as a gift last year and I was not sure how I would use them. They were perfect for this project. Don’t you love it when that happens?

I have to finish writing in Cindy’s journal and then it’s off to the post office to send this package to its next stop in Southern California.

I hope the weather is as wonderful where you live as it is here today in Northern California!

Until next time,


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