Farmer’s Wife Quilt-along – Week 16

Life has taken me out of my sewing room for the last two weeks, as life will do once in awhile. One week was spent with a case of stomach flu. I rarely get sick and I have never had the flu this early in the year…word to the wise, get that flu shot.

I spent some time playing on this afternoon. It is a photo editing/printing/sharing site and you can do some really fun stuff with your photos. I used this week’s Farmer’s Wife blocks as my experiment. I have placed the name and block number on the individual photo and then used a color filter on the outer edges.

I have to stop here a moment to comment that “Flower Basket” is not one of my favorites. The handle is squished into the upper one-third of the block and the two half square triangles on the bottom of the basket seem too big.

Here is a mosiac of the 36 blocks completed so far:

And here is a super fun feature I found on I imported the image above (which I made at in their Mosaic maker) into Picnik has a feature that allows you to put two borders around your photo, and you can color those borders from an amazing color palette. I was able to preview potential inner and outer borders for the blocks so far. How fun is that?

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6 thoughts on “Farmer’s Wife Quilt-along – Week 16”

  1. Your latest Farmer’s Wife blocks are really pretty–a nice use of fabrics! The Mosaic maker tool looks interesting–a good way to visualize them all together!

  2. You know I’m going to have to go and play at now…the effects you have achieved are amazing! Your block count is growing fast, and looking great. Thanks so much for visiting me 🙂

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