The Farmer’s Wife – Week Ten

Week Ten? Already? Yes, that is 20 blocks finished which means there are only 91 to go. Wow, we are on a roll here. The good news is I am caught up to the group commitment of two blocks a week. This is this week’s bunch.

This block is called Peace and Plenty and is block #64 in the book.

This is Churn Dash and it is block #20.

This block is called Squash Blossoms and is block #86.

This is Bow Tie and it is block #10 in the book.

And, finally, this is Ribbons, and it is block #74. This was my favorite this week. It was a little risky using the light pink stripe for the background, but it worked out okay. I think this would make a great border. Now it’s time to get started on next week’s group.

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