August 2011

Farmer’s Wife Quilt – Week 13

I didn’t encounter as many trials and tribulations on this week’s Farmer’s Wife blocks…thank goodness.
The first block I did was this one, block number 56, called “Maple Leaf.” I forgot to turn off the date feature on my camera….sorry.

The second block is number 69, and it is called “Practical Orchard.”

The third block is number 72, and it’s called “Railroad.” The fish and the blue background with the little white circles reminds me of an aquarium.

The next is an old-fashioned favorite, “Wrench,” and is block number 111.

The next block almost made me lose my mind. It is block 38 and is called “Four Winds.” I love the design of this block but… has 64 individual units. It took me over three hours to sew this six inch block.

And lastly, block 100, called “Weathervane.” I made a color mistake in this block. The arrows should have been done in the darker red color and the background square should have been the floral. I think my brain was still reeling from sewing “Four Winds” all morning.

I have completed 30 blocks, with only 81 more to go! Here is a mosiac of the 30 I have finished:

And to close, a dear friend recently lost her beloved Golden Retriever. She and her husband decided to adopt a new puppy and found one through the local Retriever rescue group. Who can resist a cute puppy photo?

     Until next time,

Stars and Geese for Lisa

August is Lisa’s month in the Bee Unique, Bee Knotty bee. She sent us some lovely pieces of fabric from the Peace on Earth line (3 Sisters/Moda). She asked for a traditional block and gave us some ideas of the elements she likes. Among them were flying geese and stars, so this is the block I made for her:

Lisa sent me the chocolate brown, gold and blue Peace on Earth? fabrics and I added the ivory background, the blue/grey solid print and the gold check print as contrasts. When I finished this block I wanted a whole quilt out of it. This is a really lovely block, even if it means sewing a lot of “Y” seams.
The block is called “Diamond Star,” and also “Aunt Martha.” I found the pattern in my Block Base software and the reference notes indicate it was published as part of the series of blocks printed in the Kansas City Sun newspaper between 1910 and 1920. It seemed the perfect match for Lisa’s soft, romantic floral fabrics. I am looking forward to seeing her completed quilt.

August Amusement….and Crazy Earthquakes!

To all my friends in Colorado and on the East Coast: I hope you are all doing well after last night’s and this afternoon’s earthquakes. Having the earth move under our feet is fairly common here in California. I hope there won’t be many aftershocks and that you are all safe.

With the earth heaving under our feet, quilting is the farthest thing from most peoples’ minds, but I scheduled this post for this afternoon, so away we go.

This is the eighth block in the Block of the Month design challenge sponsered by Electric Quilt. It is called August Amusement.

Well, so much for my photography skills. This is definitely crooked. Anyway….I didn’t think I was going to like all those stripes around the border of the block. I decided they needed to be as neutral as possible so they wouldn’t overpower the center. I liked the way the block turned out. It’s actually not as busy looking as I feared.

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Progress in Week 11

A series of fairly easy blocks allowed me to make some progress during this week (11) of the Farmer’s Wife Quilt Along. I love which allows you to quickly and easily construct mosaics from photos on Flickr. Here is the update of all the blocks together so far:

And these are the new blocks this week:

This is Periwinkle and it is Block 66.

This is Night and Day and it is Block 59. The thing I most enjoy about this project is looking at a black and white line drawing of each block in EQ7, and then deciding what colors to put into it. I loved making this block.

This is Tall Pine Tree and it is Block 94. When I first saw this block in the book I didn’t think I’d like it, but I like the way it turned out. I think it would make a cute border on a winter-themed quilt.

This is Cats and Mice and it is Block 17. This one gave me fits and I am not sure why. It is not a difficult block but I had a hard time with all those red dots. Glad it’s done. ‘Nuf said.

And lastly, this is Windblown Square and it is Block 107. I love the pattern in this block and it was my favorite for this week.

Thank you for following along with me on this journey and thank you to those of you who have left me such nice comments here and on Flickr.


The Farmer’s Wife – Week Ten

Week Ten? Already? Yes, that is 20 blocks finished which means there are only 91 to go. Wow, we are on a roll here. The good news is I am caught up to the group commitment of two blocks a week. This is this week’s bunch.

This block is called Peace and Plenty and is block #64 in the book.

This is Churn Dash and it is block #20.

This block is called Squash Blossoms and is block #86.

This is Bow Tie and it is block #10 in the book.

And, finally, this is Ribbons, and it is block #74. This was my favorite this week. It was a little risky using the light pink stripe for the background, but it worked out okay. I think this would make a great border. Now it’s time to get started on next week’s group.

Christmas in June Continues…

June was my month in the Bee Unique Bee Knotty bee and I asked everyone to make a Christmas block for me. I thought it would be fun to make a Christmas quilt for my family room this year. Today, the mailbox held another gift for me. This one is from Deanna in Davenport, Iowa.

A Grinch block! How cute is this? The quilters in this bee are all very imaginative and I have received a dozen adorable blocks. I am anxiously awaiting the last two blocks and then I will start putting this amazing gift together. Can’t wait!

Electric Quilt’s Block of the Month Contest…..Guess What?

Do you remember this? This is the block I submitted in July for Electric Quilt’s Block of the Month contest.

This afternoon, when I visited EQ’s website to download the pattern for the August block, I saw this:

Woohoo! I won the contest for my July design. Electric Quilt is sending me some Amy Butler software as the prize. I love Amy Butler fabrics and I have been eyeing this software for months. Thanks so much to Andrea, Sarah, Penny and the EQ staff for such a nice gift!