It’s a Hoot!

I am participating in a quiltalong that requires the use of a layer cake. A layer cake is a stack of 10″ x 10″ fabric squares cut from a coordinated line of fabric. I am using “It’s a Hoot!” by MoMo for Moda. I love these fabrics. The line is very diverse and the colors are clear and bright.

This is called “Big Owl” in the “Marshmallow” colorway. Lots going on in this one!
This is “Flower” in the “Pistachio” colorway.
“Perching Owls” in the “Raspberry” colorway.
“Spot” in the “Turquoise” colorway.
“Swallows” in “Pistachio.” 
I think this one is my favorite of the group.  “Trees” in the “Sky” colorway.  Turquoise and grey.  Yum.
Below is “Trees” in the “Banana” colorway.  It has a completely different personality.

This is a very color-diverse line and I will be excited to see what all the blocks look like together when they are ultimately sewn into a quilt top. I am going to use a white background fabric in most of the blocks to help pull all this color together. It’s fun to participate in online quiltalongs because you don’t know what is coming next!

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