October 2010

We Have a Winner!

It’s 6:00 PM and I had a date with the Google Random Number generator and the winner is:

Number 73 is BESSIEMAE!
Congratulations! Please email me at Caliquilter@yahoo.com and let me know where you would like to shop so I can arrange for a gift certificate for you. We would love to see some pictures of what you make with this prize, Bessiemae.
For everyone else, thank you so much for helping me celebrate my new blog address.
I hope you continue to visit because I am already working on the next giveaway, and maybe the winner will be YOU!

Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick…..

Only two days left until the drawing at 6 PM (PST) on Sunday, October 10th for a $50 gift certificate to your favorite online quilt shop!  All you have to do is become a Follower and leave me a comment.  So come on and join the fun at CaliQuilter.  Tick, tick, tick, tick…..

Wordless Wednesday…

Patchwork Posse’s New Quiltalong!

I am going to be a guest designer for Patchwork Posse’s new round robin which begins on October 11th! Becky, aka the Posse Boss, will be creating the center block.  Then every other Monday, from October 11th until January 24th, instructions for the next part of the quilt will be posted.  The theme of the quilt is still being debated so click on over to http://www.patchworkposse.com/ to vote on the theme you would love to make.  I hope this happens soon because I am the first designer (October 25th) so I will need to come up with something lickity-split!

Thanks, Becky, for letting me be part of the fun.

Tiny Blocks for Private Swap

Some of my friends are doing a little house swap….and I mean “little” houses. This is my house….

…and, of course, every tiny house needs a tiny tree!

Working with tiny pieces of fabric really makes me feel like I am all thumbs. On the positive side, they are quick to piece because the seams are so short! 

A $50 Gift Certificate Giveaway!

To celebrate moving my blog to a new address I am giving away a $50 gift certificate to the winner’s favorite online fabric store.

Become a follower and earn one entry.
Leave a comment and earn another entry.

What quilter wouldn’t love some fabulous free fabric!

Some More Inspiration

I spent some time touring around the web looking at art for inspiration yesterday and saw these two paintings done by Leg Kov, a Russian graphic artist.

I love bright colors, so this really caught me eye.  Isn’t this wonderful?

This is far more muted, but still very lively.  I love all the angles in both of these paintings and the color choices are fabulous.  I like the two story house with the black roof on the upper right side.  With some angle changes it would make a great wonky house!