April 2014

Learning New Tools In Illustrator

I am still working hard in the design class I am taking. It lasts one more week and then there will be several weeks break before the next segment. This week is focused on hand drawing motifs, converting them into vector art, then arranging the image in layers of color and pattern. I drew a poppy using a black fine line marking pen, colored it in using oil pastels, and smudged them with my finger. When I finished, this is the design that came from the work:

Poppy Pattern


I also had to make sure this would tile and repeat correctly. I could now send this off to Spoonflower, or other digital printing service and have fabric printed from this art file. My only hesitation about this design is it is a little old-fashioned looking. I might try recoloring this with a more modern color palette and see what happens.

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Exploring Color Themes

Things have been quiet here at the CaliQuilter blog as I have been working full-time (temporarily), which has definitely put a crimp in my creative time. I have also been busy taking a class in print and surface pattern design, given by British designers Beth Kempton and Rachael Taylor. I’m in the third week of working on lots of creative exercises, which I have really enjoyed. This week has been all about color. We have been practicing constructing color themes by pulling colors from photos. Yesterday, I made these two color themes using Illustrator software, and pulling the colors from the photos using the  eye dropper tool.

Lavendar-Mood-BoardI went to Pinterest and found these lovely photos with shades of lavender and purple, which I love. I then chose the colors I liked and used the paintbrush tool to make the color spots.


While I was on Pinterest, I noticed this photo of a colorful rooster and thought he would make a great subject for a color study. I pulled out a dozen colors I particularly liked and made them egg-shaped, for fun. Nature is a terrific source of color inspiration.

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