June 2012

Around the World II Revisited

My mom always said, “Changing her mind is a woman’s prerogative.” I don’t know if that encourages freedom or indecision, but I still embrace the concept. Which explains why I have decided to change my starter block for the Around the World Bee.

This is my starter (for keeps, it’s been mailed):
I love paper-pieced stars. I have decided to ask the group to make me a star, using the blues and greens
I have used in this starter block. The block has been moving at lightening speed and two more stars have been added to the package and they are stunning. I am excited to watch the quilt grow as it makes 23 more
stops at various points around the world.
The block pattern came from my EQ compass star pattern library, but I changed some lines around to make it my own.
It has been windy, foggy and cold here in the San Francisco Bay Area. The sun is shining today and promises to be warmer. I hope you are having a nice weekend.
Until next time,

Pattern Testers Needed

Thank you to my awesome friends who have agreed to test my pattern. You are the best!

I have testers for this quilt, but if you are interested in testing for me in the future, please email me at caliquilter@yahoo.com.

I’m looking for pattern testers. I have an easy child’s quilt pattern that I need tested asap! If you are interested, please email me at caliquilter@yahoo.com. I will give you all the additional information you will need in the return email. Thank you so much!

Quilt Around the World II

I promised myself I wouldn’t do this. I have joined another bee. I have joined an international bee that has just begun a second round, called Quilt Around the World. There are some talented quilters in this group so I know I will enjoy making new friends and a lot of new blocks.

I chose my starter block today. It is Lone Starburst.

I have admired this block since it started appearing on Flickr about six months ago. I have seen it with various names, “Lone Star,” “Rainbow Star,” “Lone Starburst.” I am not sure who originally designed it but I used the tutorial at http://www.four-white-horses.blogspot/. It is paper-pieced and surprisingly easy to make.
I am looking forward to getting to know the 23 quilters who are participating in this project from countries around the world, and I am excited to see what new things I learn in the process.
I hope all is well with you and your family, and that you are having a wonderful weekend.
Until next time,

Pinwheels for Melissa

I spent today doing some “bee” sewing. In the Journal Round Robin Bee, Melissa asked for a pinwheel block. She has just moved into a new home and said she was in the mood for blocks of bright, cheerful colors to use in a new quilt for her home.

I am not a big fan of pinwheels. I know it is a well-loved traditional block but they remind me of daggers and knives. So I made a block for Melissa that was intended to soften the look of the pinwheel.

I put a light colored star behind it to draw your eye away from the red polka dot daggers. I love print and I love color, but this was a little too much for even me. So I tried again.

Same block, different color placement, highlighting just the star and the pinwheel. And there they are…the daggers…I mean the pinwheels. I like this less complex block better. I am going to have to get over the fear of pinwheels and move on!

Until next time,