8 Done – 103 to Go…..

I have completed three more Farmer’s Wife Blocks. This block is called “Country Path” and is block #24. I love this little block.

This one is “Hill and Valley,” and is Block #46. What I learned with this block is these floating triangles really need to be in a dark print so they pop in the block. Because both of these fabrics are in the medium range, the triangles don’t show up the way they should. I do love the color combo though.
I have decided to make all the blocks in the book, even the homely ones. This next block is an example why. This is the diagram and photo of a block in the book:
When I first saw this block I thought, “Wow, I don’t get this one.” I know it will make a secondary star design when set together in multiples, but it makes no sense standing on its own in a sampler like this. So I simply rearranged the colors.  This is “Century of Progress” and it is Block #18. Same templates, in the same positions, just different colors.
So, even the homely ones can benefit from a little quilty makeover!

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