And the 2011 Color of the Year is…….

Hmmm….every Honeysuckle bloom I have ever seen has been yellow but maybe I am leading a sheltered life.  Pantone, the great Wizard of Color, has named this beautiful, strong pink “?Honeysuckle”.  The 2010 color of the year was turquoise and we certainly saw that color in quilting fabric, home dec and clothing.  So, prepare to see lots of this gorgeous, rich pink flooding the stores this spring.

4 thoughts on “And the 2011 Color of the Year is…….”

  1. I LOVE pink, I really love pink, I wear pink sweatshirts, and shirts all the time. Now, lets be real though.. I’ll put it in a quilt, or a baby item, but I’m not decorating my house in pink! LOL.

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