Toolbox Thursday

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There are several internet sites that I visit each month because of the inspiration I find there. One particularly nice site is hosted by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Besides the opportunity to explore the exhibits in the museum itself, there are two quilting areas that I encourage you to visit. The first is the quilt gallery at They have constructed a Quilt of Quilts. You are encouraged to upload photos of your quilt along with a brief story and your quilt then becomes a block in the larger quilt. One quilt that particularly caught my eye is this:

I love this quilt!  It is by Alicia Merrett of London.  There is a nice mix of traditional and modern quilts represented in the gallery, as well as different styles and skill levels.

This is a raw edge applique by Linda of Burke,Virgina. This gallery is constantly expanding so there is always something new to see. Maybe one of your quilts is ready to join?

Another area well worth your visit is their patchwork pattern maker. You can upload any photo and the pattern maker will turn the photo into a quilt of patchwork squares. The quilt is divided into 30 squares wide by 30 squares deep, and shaded areas are constructed out of half-square triangles. If you are a fan of colorwashed quilts this is a terrific resource because it does all of the color layout planning for you…instantly. A nifty tool for your quilting toolbox!

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