A Great Idea…

This afternoon I worked on my block for Kerry of Tallwoods Village, Austrailia for the round robin bee.  (Love the name of your home town, Terry!) Kerry asked for a log cabin block, foundation pieced on featherweight interfacing. I have foundation pieced on muslin and hated it because of the extra bulk it places in the seams.

There are lots of reasons to love foundation piecing with interfacing.  It is tissue paper thin, easy to see through for fabric placement, is stronger than paper and doesn’t need to be removed.  The rough surface causes the fabric to cling to it while you sew.  These blocks are literally traveling around the world, so it gives this block (with 15 seams) lots of stability until they make their way home to Kerry.  The only down side is you have to draw the pattern on the interfacing.  Kerry included a master drawing of the block so after I traced it onto the foundation, all that was left to do was choose the fabric and sew.

Kerry asked for a very scrappy block made with brightly colored fabrics.  The raw, untrimmed block can remain on the foundation until Kerry trims them into uniform sizes and sews them into her quilt!

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