May 2010

The Sun is Out!

I have spent a fair amount of time grumping and fussing about the cold, rainy weather we have been having here in Northern California, but the sun is shining and it is beautiful today.  My roses have never looked better.  All this cool, drizzly weather suited them.  Amazingly, I haven’t seen any black spot yet.  If you like roses, I want to share these photos from my garden.
So lovely.  I love old garden roses because they actually have a scent.  There is nothing more disappointing than putting your nose in a rose expecting that heady smell and….nothing.  Flowers that have a scent do not last long as a cut flower so breeders are slowly breeding all scent out of modern roses.  I enjoyed taking a few minutes to stop and really enjoy my garden.  Now it’s back to the sewing room. 

Block 6

Today I completed Block #6 in the Moose on the Porch Jelly Roll quilt-along.  These are such fun blocks to make because they go together so quickly.  I love this one because we were to fussy-cut something in the center of the block.  This fabric, “Objects of Desire,” is about shoes.  My oldest daughter loves shoes and I am making this for her, so how perfect!
…a closer look at the center….
Wouldn’t it be fun to have that high heel?

End of the Swap

I have received the last fat quarter from the swap I was participating in.  It is beautiful.

I love the little brown design on the selvage edge.  The colors are unique and the flowers are really sweet.  This is from Moira of Nottingham, U.K.  Thanks so much, Moira.  I am considering using this as one of three fat quarters that I need to take to a workshop I am participating in given by Dale Fleming (of “Pieced Curves So Simple” fame).  I will try to match the dark rose color of the flowers and the dark brown in the print on the edge for the other two pieces.  They should look terrific together.
I am sad to see the swap end because it was so much fun to wait for the mail to come and have something really delightful and unexpected arrive.  My thanks to the generous quilters who swapped with me!


A B-I-G day at the mail box today!  Wow, I feel like I won the fabric lottery.  Seriously.

From Cricket in Kennebunk, Maine I received this beautiful pink geometric print.

this pretty pink floral
this sweet pink and beige print – aren’t the birds sweet?
these cute little pieces
 Thank you, Cricket.  What a fabulous gift. 
That was the first envelope. 
The second envelope was from Amy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  In it was this beautiful, big, bold floral.   I put the pack of sharps on it so you can judge the size of the tulips.  This is awesome fabric.
Thank you so much, Amy.  I love it.
The third envelope came from Maxine in Sunderland, United Kingdom.  In her envelope there was this gorgeous Amy Butler floral
Candied hearts, vintage buttons, sweet floral ribbon and — chocolate!
Thank you, Maxine. 
Fabulous fabric, vintage buttons, new sharps, ribbon and chocolate?  It just doesn’t get any better than this.  Thanks to the three of you for your very generous gifts.  This was my first swap and I didn’t know what to expect.  This experience has far exceeded my expections.  I am still smiling…