The First Bee Block

I received the first block in the round robin Quilting Journey Bee.  It is from Elizabeth, who lives in California not too far from where I live.
I love the starling fabric she sent along to be included in the block.  Elizabeth requested a block that is geometric and her favorite colors are red, black and white.  This is the block I made for her
This is an old turn of the century pattern that is based on an antique mosaic tile.  I think it looks very modern when made up in Elizabeth’s favorite colors.  We each sent along a journal with our starter block, so I need to write in Elizabeth’s journal and then send the blocks on their journey to the next quilter.  I would have never chosen these colors for myself, but after working with them I discovered I really like this combination of colors.  I am sewing for someone else, using their favorite blocks and colors, and it is forcing me to move out of my comfort zone and try different things.  I am sure this experience will allow me to expand my horizons as a quilter (not to mention it’s a lot of fun).