Baby Betty Boop

When my friend Linda saw this embroidery design last week she said, “Oh, it’s Betty Boop!”  I hadn’t quite noticed the resemblance, but this could be Betty as a baby.  I am trying two things with this pattern.  This one I have made into a tooth fairy pillow by appliquing on a heart that is open at the top.  I am embroidering a second one on a blue background for a birth announcement pillow.  I am going to embroider the baby’s name, date of birth and birth weight in the area where the heart is.  Then I will decide which one will become my pattern.  It is hard to tell in this photo, but the wings are embroidered in a silver metallic thread.  The thread has to be used in very short lengths or it frays and breaks so there was a lot of tying off and rethreading.