Make Mine Modern Swap Package

Swap packages are being delivered by the postman this week and there are smiles all over the world!  I participated in the first swap last fall, but sat out round two during the Holidays because I knew it would be too stressful. The gifts exchanged in this swap are wonderfully creative so this isn’t a project to be taken lightly.

This week I received my gift from my secret partner, Amy (AllieKatmom in Flickr world). It included this darling sewing machine cover made out of natural linen, hexi’s and hand embroidered detail.

Amy also made me an adorable (and sturdy) case for my I-Pad…which also sports embroidered details…

I am sure I heard my I-Pad giggling when I slipped her into her lovely new case! Amy also had a friend of hers make me some custom polymer Santa straight pins which are just too cute for words…

And if that was not enough, she sent along some of my very favorite fabric and some extra hexi’s!

Wow! Amy is a swap rock star for sure! If you would like to participate in this wonderful swap, signups are open for the summer swap. You will be assigned a secret partner and will have three months to look at their wish list and favorite fabrics (lots of questions are asked and answers posted on Flickr so you get a good idea about their tastes) and then you sew up a handmade gift, give them a gift for their sewing room, and send 1 1/2 yards of their favorite fabric. In return, your secret partner will be stalking you on Flickr and will send you something that will really make you smile.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Flickr and search for Make Mine Modern Swap and take a look at the other amazing packages that have been received this week, and sign up to participate in the next round. Prepare to be amazed.