A Bee Block for Jen

This is another block for the round robin bee that I am participating in.  This block is for Jen in Canada.  She sent her starter block for inspiration and asked that we not make her block, but something inspired by hers.  She also asked for earth tones and asked that we use a piece of her hedgehog fabric.  This is the block I made for her:

This is my block with Jen’s starter block:
and here are the rest of the blocks so far:
(Note to self…..iron that sheet next time before you lay the blocks out on it, girlfriend!  Good grief.)
As the round robin progresses it is becoming more interesting and a little more challenging.  This starter block came with three other blocks for me to consider in choosing my pattern and fabrics.  The next block I receive will have four other blocks with it.  Each successive block will have more visual elements to be taken into consideration in the design process.  I love the challenge of making a pattern that will complement the other blocks.  This project is helping me grow as a quilter and provides me with the opportunity to get creative!