My Charming Mini Quilt from Kimmie

In yesterday’s mail I received my mini quilt from Kimmie in Oregon.  She and I swapped charm packs of fabric and were to make whatever we wanted for each other.  This was organized through an online quilting bee.  Check out if you are interested in joining one of these groups.  I would encourage you to try it.  It is a great way to meet other quilters and expand your quilting horizons!  Not to mention it is just plain fun.  This is the mini I received from Kimmie.  It is about 18 inches.

A beautiful “watercolor” heart!  This had to be a challenge not only because these are one inch squares, but the fabrics I sent her were somewhat subdued and not a lot of color variations.  Kimmie did a great job of placing the fabrics, and the piece is also beautifully quilted.
Also in the envelope were a few extra gifts!  Lucky me!
A pretty journal, two cards of cute buttons, a darling Laurel Burch cat magnet (looking great on my refrigerator door) and a craft pattern for cute fabric cupcakes.  How much fun can one envelope contain?  Thank you so much, Kimmie.  It was so much fun being your partner in this swap!