Design Wall Monday – Braids

Hate to throw away scraps?  I do.  If a fabric scrap is at least 2″ by 4″, I cut it into a 2 x 4 inch rectangle and put it in my “braid” box, organized by color.  I find French braid quilts to be a fun exercise in color.  I recently found this fabric in a little home decorator fabric shop.  Isn’t it cute?  This will be the backing, and maybe in a border on the front.  I took these photos in the evening and the light was terrible so I apologize.  The green is a minty green and the pink is dark.

What a great fabric for a baby quilt!  Out came the “braid box” and these are the fabrics I picked.
A few hours at the machine, and bam!  Braids.
I still have at least two more rows to sew because these shrink up in size considerably when they are sewn together (this is just a cross-section, the braids are about four feet long).  In looking at this picture, I also see that I have a couple of fabrics occurring in the same spot in the row, so I will have to fix that.  More about braids tomorrow….