Happy New Year!

Most of the day has been spent working on a web site. All I can say is I am glad I don’t have to do that every day!

I have also been experimenting with coloring the background on an embroidery block. The technique is to draw a picture, color it with colored pencils, scan it into the computer, and then photocopy the picture onto paper-backed fabric that can go into the printer. I have seen quilts done using this technique and they are really pretty.
Well, things did not go as planned. The printer ate the first two sheets (and at $1 each, I wasn’t going to keep feeding them in). The last one I tried did go through but did not print evenly. When I peeled the paper off the back, I didn’t really care for the feel of the fabric. It has a plastic feel to it. When I tried embroidering the roof, it was difficult to push the needle through the fabric so I decided to abandon this block and try again.
Tomorrow is another day. Next I am going to try using fabric crayons on muslin and see if I get better results.