October 2011

More Farmer’s Wife

Many things, including another quilting project, kept me from spending much time on the Farmer’s Wife quilt this week. I did finish three blocks. The first is block number 27 and it’s called Darting Birds. On square you see the bird shapes better. On point, it looks like blue robots…..a little creepy.

The next block is number 52, and it is called “Hovering Hawks.” It’s been all about birds this week!

And the last block is number 28, and it is called “Duck and Ducklings.” Don’t you wonder who named these blocks? This is my favorite this week.

The evenings are chilly and the days are getting shorter. I spent some time yesterday making some fall decorations to put by the front door.

I bought ribbon and artificial fall flower picks at Joann’s, which were 75% off…awesome! I took two pumpkins and hot glued the flower picks to the tops and then filled in the center with pieces of ribbon that I hot-glued in place. It was fast, easy and inexpensive and really helps dress up my front porch. Of course, they will need to come inside on Halloween night since the neighborhood teenagers make a sport of smashing any pumpkin left outside after the lights are turned out.

I hope all is well with you and your family,

Until next time,

Week 20 of the Farmer’s Wife Quilt Project

Week 20? Wow, how did that happen. Time is roaring along and my pile of blocks for this quilt is stacking higher each week. These are the blocks I have finished this week:

Spider Web, Block #83

Wild Goose Chase, Block #105

Farmer’s Daughter, Block #32

?Fruit Basket, Block #42

?Friendship, Block # 39

?and last, but not least, Square Dance, Block #85
Thank you to my friend, Elizabeth, for the gift of the beautiful Kate Spain purple floral. I love the purple/orange combo so this block is my favorite for this week.
In addition to sewing such a variety of blocks, I am also enjoying reading the letters written by the farm wives that accompany each block. This coming week I will be sewing “hovering” bird blocks, which means lots more little half-square triangles (sigh). The letter for these blocks asserts that “The woman who is a drudge on a farm will be a drudge wherever you put her. It is lack of management, lack of order and lack of backbone and brains that make drudgery.” Well said, Mrs. R.C.W. of Jasper County, Missouri!
It is late October and the weather is still quite warm here in Northern California. My hydrangeas growing by the front door show no sign of slowing down. I love seeing their big happy blooms each time I come and go. I hope all is well where you live…
Until next time,

October Opportunity

This is the block I made for October in the EQ Block of the Month Challenge. It is called October Opportunity. It’s hard to believe this is the tenth block I have made this year in this challenge. There are only two remaining blocks, then the project is complete. That is the great thing about block of the month projects. It’s not a lot of time each month, but after the months fly by….another quilt is ready to be sewn together.

These block have been difficult to photograph. I am using soft grey, a dark chocolate brown dot, red, black and white. The blocks are prettier and more colorful in person. I am just sorry I haven’t been able to capture the warmth of the colors.

It’s time to run to the sewing machine and use what little free time I have today to do a little Farmer’s Wife sewing.

Until next time,

Farmer’s Wife – Week 19

Nothing makes me grumpier than having to sew a block over again. When I looked at the digital collage of my last group of Farmer’s Wife blocks, I saw three of my blocks did not play well with the others. I love how digital photos make my errors jump off the wall. So, three of my blocks this week are do-overs:

Did I end up with better blocks? Yes. Was I happy about having to do them over again? No.

The next three blocks are the new blocks for Week 19:

I try to learn from my mistakes, so I know I need to work to find a little more contrast in the fabrics I use in these blocks, and also try to stay in the same tonal families.

I also finished up my September block for the EQ Block of the Month Challenge. This block is called September Soother.

I like the strong graphic nature of these blocks being designed by Andrea Bishop at EQ. I have chosen strong black and white prints for these blocks and am interested in seeing how they all come together at the end of the challenge. Since it’s already the middle of October, I’d better get cracking on the October block…

Until next time,